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The Oncostrat Database

On May 02, 2019, Tags Oncology

The Onco-Strat™ online forecasting platform provides detailed market forecasts across many of the major disease areas within Oncology. By breaking the market down into relevant biomarker or treatment populations, we provide a detailed view of your market of interest over a 10-year forecast period.

The platform has been in development since 2016, and more recently has become available for commercial use. The platform has coverage of 7 broad oncology disease areas across EU5, USA and Japan, each with relevant market segmentation based on patient characteristics that may alter physician treatment algorithms now or in the future.

Onco-Strat presents data with an intuitive user interface which allows quick and easy aggregation of relevant data. Specific Populations of interest, such as 1st Line BRCA+ve Ovarian Cancer can be viewed at the click of a button, allowing users to drill down into their area of interest or to view the market as a whole. 

There are numerous market views available on the platform each with relevant default and optional chart types:

  • Patients initiating treatment
  • Patient months of treatment
  • Share of patients initiating treatment
  • Volume (mg/Unit)
  • Revenue (Currency of Choice)

Each of these outputs can be viewed through relevant lenses such as regimen, molecule, patients (market segment) or specific products.

Our market analyses use dynamic patient-based flow models to follow patient cohorts’ journey through the treatment pathway, this allows us to track how many patients are receiving a given therapy at any time. Market events are included on the platform and their impact on the baseline can be followed to show how these changes will affect patients’ flow through the model. Where possible we aim to reconcile our analysis with the historical performance of products within the disease area.

New product launch events are thoroughly researched and vetted by analysts before being included in the forecast, however they can be quickly removed should the user wish.

We strive to make our forecasts as transparent as possible so that users can be confident that the assumptions, and therefore outputs, are robust. For this reason, we provide detailed analyst notes detailing the assumptions we have made on treatment rates, epidemiology and new product launches.

Sources are also provided alongside a description of where information has been used for assumptions in the forecast. Together with secondary literature, we use pricing data from the RX Price Index™, epidemiology data from the Epiomic™ Database and primary market research to supplement our analyses where possible.

Treatment flow diagrams are available on the platform, which allow the user to visualise our interpretation of the patient journey based on clinical guidelines for disease treatment. This allows users to gain a greater understanding of how we have sized our population removing some of the “black box” elements of forecasting.

Forecasting in Oncology has typically presented numerous challenges to analysts due to the highly dynamic nature of these markets, constantly changing clinical guidelines, staging being limited to diagnosis and a lack of prevalence data. Onco-Strat aims to provide a comprehensive solution to this problem with a transparent and robust approach providing users with forecasts they can rely upon to make key business decisions.


Henry Barling

Senior Oncology Analyst

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