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On May 24, 2019, Tags Pricing Strategies

The Rx Price IndexTM is an online database that lists all licensed available pharmaceutical products in the European Union and other Markets.  By displaying pricing information from June 2015 to the most current month, with monthly updates, it gives you the granularity to track product price fluctuation as well as allowing you to follow the product throughout market launch.

The Rx Price Index launched in late 2017 and currently covers 26 markets across the European Union and other select markets.  Monthly updates and longitudinal data give you an in-depth overview of the evolution of the European market pharmaceutical landscape and the current snapshot of the market.   All products are translated into English and then standardised across the database to allow instantaneous comparison of different products across our coverage. 

The Rx Price Index presents an intuitive user interface where you are able to search by product name (branded or generic name), Active Substance or Licence Holder.  The Key word search presents predictive text recognition and gives you the possibility to search for up to 5 products at the same time.  You can then search for the latest price point available or for historical data from June 2015 and select up to 26 countries to search the product in.

The Rx Price IndexTM lists the Ex-factory price (list price) for every product on the platform.  Furthermore, the platform also shows the Wholesaler price (pharmacy purchase price), the pharmacy price and the retail price.   Our in-house Pricing team researches and update wholesaler and pharmacy margins and mark-ups, as well as taxes and VAT for every country listed in the database by using country specific secondary research.  This ensures that the prices shown on the database are up to date and consider the latest changes in pricing legislation.

You are then able to change the currency output between GBP, EUR, USD, JPY and CNY.   The currency conversion used is the daily exchange rate from the European bank.  Furthermore, we also show the prices with the local currency.

We value transparency and that is why we will provide our sources as well as our product pricing assumptions with you should you require them.

The data can then be easily downloaded into excel and be used for a variety of different analysis; for example: 

  • Market Landscaping
  • Price tracking
  • Generic Entry into market
  • International Reference Pricing calculation
  • Treatment cost calculation
  • Forecast Inputs

Should you require pharmaceutical pricing information from a country that is currently not listed in the Rx Price Index, we will be able to provide custom/ad-hoc reports as well as analysis of the data.

Continuous development of the Rx Price Index makes the platform highly dynamic. Key planned development for Q3 of 2019 include: addition of the USA to the database country list as well as the addition of analytical tools directly on the platform to allow quick and effortless analysis of the data.

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