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Challenges surrounding CNS drug discovery

On July 11, 2019, Tags Medicine

The central nervous system (CNS) compromises the brain and spinal cord and is the most complex system in the human body; consisting of an estimated 100 billion neurons, each connected to thousands...

Pharmaceutical Pricing Challenges; USA perspective

On July 04, 2019, Tags Pricing Strategies

The pharmaceutical pricing landscape is by the most convoluted system and the main culprit of this is the USA. The pricing structure of the pharmaceuticals is by no means transparent and requires...

The Opioid crisis in North America

On June 27, 2019, Tags Medicine

Opioids are the most commonly prescribed medications to manage chronic pain. They work by lowering pain signals the body sends to the brain, they also alter how the brain would react to pain. Opioids...

Press Release: Black Swan Analysis and ICCI collaborate to provide commercial insights

On June 25, 2019, Tags Collaboration

Black Swan Analysis and ICCI collaborate to provide commercial insights to companies developing medical cannabis and cannabinoid treatments


The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute...

Meeting The Unmet Need - A look into Novel PD-L1/PD-1 Immunotherapies

On June 20, 2019,

Immune evasion

Impact of International Reference Pricing on Five Products in the USA

On June 13, 2019, Tags Pricing Strategies

Black Swan Analysis had a poster accepted at ISPOR USA 2019 in New Orleans titled “Impact of international reference pricing on five products in the USA”.

Consulting and Forecasting

On June 06, 2019,

At Black Swan Analysis, we not only have our Epiomic, Rx Price Index and Oncostrat databases, we also offer professional consulting and forecasting services for numerous areas within the consultancy...

Black Swan Analysis Are Exhibiting at BIO 2019

On May 30, 2019,

We are attending Bio 2019.

Rx Price IndexTM

On May 24, 2019, Tags Pricing Strategies

The Rx Price IndexTM is an online database that lists all licensed available pharmaceutical products in the European Union and other Markets.  By displaying pricing information from June 2015 to the...

Black Swan Analysis Are Exhibiting at ISPOR 2019

On May 16, 2019,

We are attending ISPOR 2019

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