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Onco-Strat Product Update

On September 25, 2019, Tags Oncology

Over the past year the Onco-Strat team has been growing, and with greater analyst investment comes a greater scope of platform functionality, bringing additional value for subscribers. The latest addition to the ‘Enhanced’ version of the platform is the NPL (New Product Launch) wizard. The tool which can be accessed on all disease area landing pages (located along the right-hand side of the page) allows users to input their own parameters for new products and launch one or more separate products within the forecast model.     

The quick and simple to use NPL setup tool will allow the user to define the following product parameters in 5 easy steps:

  1. New product details:
    • Choose a Product name & active substance name
    • Launch the product as a monotherapy or part of a combination therapy
    • Choose one or more countries and one or more lines of therapy in which to launch the product
  2. Set a price per unit for the new product in any applicable currency
  3. Set the launch date, uptake curve shape and time to reach maximum market penetration
  4. Set the treatment persistency (duration of time a patient uses the therapy) as either cycles or treatment to progression using user specified persistency parameters for each country the product is to be launched.
  5. Set specific market share (%) steals from other regimen within the same therapy line(s)

This new feature will help subscribers to graphically visualise the effects of their new product(s) or the new product(s) of a potential competitor on revenue, volume (units/mg) used, patient initiating treatment and patient months over the forecast period. Ideal for generating forecast figures for internal presentations, investor meetings or report writing, with the BSA oncology market forecasting team readily available to answer any questions or queries.    


Jai Bains

Oncology Market Forecasting Analyst


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