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New Project Update

On September 27, 2019, Tags News

The latest internally developed BSA online platform is a pharmaceutical product lifecycle database which will allow the user to assess the competitive landscape for a selected active substance, product, indication or company. Data are aggregated from multiple different sources and presented in an easy-to-use, interactive way. The product also incorporates predictive analytics, allowing users to make more informed decisions, in far less time. The platform consists of three major components, a clinical trials pathfinder and a portfolio development predictor both of which are in the late stages of development, and in the early stages of development, a future market landscape modelling tool.    


The clinical trials pathfinder will allow you to track the clinical trials pathway of drugs in development and reveal how successful assets have already made it to market with the breakdown of their clinical development journey - essential for those looking to plan the best path for development of a new asset.

Parameters (e.g. indication, active substance, etc.) are selected by the user to obtain a suitable analogue for the clinical development pathway. The resulting relevant clinical trials are displayed across a timeline, with the details of each trial tabulated below. Outputs include the number of trials in each phase, and a list of these trials containing all pertinent trial details (trial patient enrolment numbers, NCT no., title, enrolment status, indication, active substance/s, sponsor, start and completion dates).  


Figure 1: A simplified view of the graphic which displays clinical trials pathfinder data.


The portfolio development predictor is designed to help gauge the probability of successfully transitioning through trial phases, and of launching a product by retrospective analysis of previous asset development.

Parameters for selection include indication / treatment setting, mechanism of action and time period for trials. The graphic shows the funnel of unique assets through trial phases over time with average trial duration, total time in development and patient enrolment. Factors such as the percentage success rate of and number of trials in each phase are calculated. An example of its use would be to see the number of assets required per phase to launch one product successfully within a specific therapeutic area or with a specific mechanism of action.


Figure 2: A simplified view of the graphic which shows the clinical funnel of unique assets / active substances displayed by phase.


Further platform development will include a future market landscape tool, which makes use of ongoing clinical trial data for new products, which are not yet approved to provide an overview of the competitive market landscape and clearly identify current and potential future threats to the market along with probabilities of launch.


Initially the product will be launched with a primary focus on oncology drug treatments, with a view to expand this to all therapeutic areas soon afterwards.


Our goal at Black Swan Analysis is to produce high quality products and services which will add value to our client’s businesses, beyond that which is deemed the industry bench-mark, and with this latest addition to our online platform inventory we believe our goal has been achieved.  


Frances Wise

Oncology Analyst

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