>> Lung Cancer : Awareness Month

Lung Cancer : Awareness Month

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Lung Cancer is one the most common forms of cancer to occur around the world, with more than 2,000,0000 people diagnosed worldwide each annually, and is the leading cause of cancer death annually.1 If diagnosed before stage 3, patients have around a 13 times higher likelihood of living for five years. 2 This month of November marks the end of Lung cancer awareness month. 


In hopes to raise awareness of the far-reaching impact of this disease has; awareness month continues to challenge the stigma associated with lung cancer, with the aim to improve patient outcomes and awareness. 


The purpose of this month is to encourage people to push towards medical advice sooner, to prompt earlier diagnosis ensuring the best possible chance of treating the disease effectively, and to be able to highlight other essential factors that influence patient outcomes. For instance, educating people about the stigma, which can help to promote earlier diagnosis and foster better patient care. 3 


Lung cancer incidence rates vary around the world, highlighting geographical differences in tobacco use and air quality.4 Globally, the incidence of lung cancer is increasing.5 Rates of lung cancer in men are considerably higher in developed countries than in less-developed countries widely related to smoking habits, however the overall incidence is decreasing in men from developed countries as result of tobacco control measures.  


Similarly, lung cancer in women is also more prevalent in the developed world and linked with smoking. In Europe, female lung cancer in Europe has been rising recently, and in 2017 exceeded breast cancer mortality rates for the first time, 14.6 lung cancer deaths per 100,000 compared with 14 per 100,0000 for breast cancer.6 


There are several ways that you can help to raise awareness of lung cancer and support those who are affected by the condition by: 

1.       Sharing your own perspective of the disease or a support message for patients 

2.       Use social media platforms to spread awareness. For example, the use of hashtags such as #Lungcancer , #Lungcancerawareness  

3.       Volunteer or attend events, with national organisations such as Lung Association 

4.       Consider a small donation if you are unable to give up time to volunteer, this brings awareness to and promotes research in lung cancer. 


Should you wish to search for any up-to-date epidemiology data on lung cancer populations, you can do so by the following the link or contacting one our team members as part of the epidemiology team.   




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