>> How Our Online Epiomic ™ Database Is Just What You've Been After

How Our Online Epiomic ™ Database Is Just What You've Been After

On May 03, 2018, Tags Epiomic Database

How Our Online Epiomic ™ Database Is Just What You've Been After

Planning to conquer new markets? Or looking for a way to improve your medication integration strategy? Either way, you need access to high-quality epidemiological data. Looking for studies, sifting through millions of numbers, and trying to single out information nuggets are time-consuming tasks, which may end with achieving mediocre results.

Pharmaceutical companies invest substantial amounts of time and money in research and analysis. These resources can be saved with the access to an all-encompassing database. At Black Swan Analysis, we have been creating dynamic forecasts and interactive flow models for over 10 years. We created our Epiomic database to help our teams and other companies find the data they need.

Intuitive Interface

Finding the right information is half the trouble. Shuffling through it in order to find the right pieces of data is what takes up most of your time. With our Epiomic database, you don’t have to waste precious time looking for something. In just a few clicks, you can get extensive information on the subject you require.

Once you find the information you need, you can quickly extract and download it in excel format.

Data on Rare Diseases

Finding information on patients with rare diseases is often a struggle. Our Epiomic database includes patient data on over 40 rare diseases. By using the database, you’ll never have to suffer from the lack of rare disease patient information for forecasting and analysis.

Professional Approach

Before including information in our database, we use rigorous validation techniques to make sure the data is 100% correct. We work with raw data to extract the epidemiological factors necessary for making further analysis. Our Epiomic database does half the job for you.

Regular Updates

Taking advantage of the information is easy. But what happens when it changes? Constant monitoring of the latest information is time-consuming. Meanwhile, there is always a chance of missing something important.

We have a team of experts monitoring the data on a regular basis and updating the database once every six to twelve months so you don’t have to worry about overlooked changes.

Extensive Coverage

When you use our Epiomic database, you can be sure you are getting full information. The database covers over 170 diseases and 11,500 unique subpopulations. This database is unique since it stores all the necessary patient population data in one place.

Wide Geographical Coverage

The information about patient populations is fully available for 19 global markets (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Australia, India, South Korea and China). Twenty three more countries are covered partially.

Convenient Subscription Plans

Depending on what you need the subscription to our database for, you can take advantage of a variety of plans including disease packs, essential data, complete data, and more.

Taking advantage of patient population information is easier than you think. By having access to the right data, you don’t just cut down time and money spent on research, you can make high-quality forecasts for your business in a variety of markets. Get in touch to find out more.

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